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Professor Hannes Redelinghuys (Ph.d.). (Eskat.). Posnet Suite 42 E-mail address: eeebybelskool@gmail.com
Private Bag X 504 Website: www.2016newagebybel.co.za Sinoville Office: (012) 543 0430 Pretoria Cell. No: 083 540 8352 0129


I greet you in the beautiful and noble Name of Jesus Christ our only Savior, Redeemer and Savior.
Without taking up much time, give me the opportunity to just explain to you why I founded this Eschatological
End-Time Bible Institute. Personally, for more than 39 years I have been engaged in studies and research in the
“Eschatology” regarding the End Times, the books of Daniel, Revelation, the New World Order, one Money System
, one Global Religion System, World Events Fulfilling End Time Prophecies and many more only to name a few topics.
I obtained my Masters degree in Eschatology, namely the establishment, the development, the functioning and the
modern New World (or New Age) systems. I obtained my Doctoral degree in “Eschatology” according to the books
of Daniel, Revelation, End-time Prophecies,
World Events, the Rapture of Israel and too many to mention now. In recent years I have also been the author
of many (thick) Eschatological books such as: The Two Keys To The
Book of Revelation. The Two Keys To The Book On Revelation. Trapped In The Antichrist System. Is This Armageddon?
Why ʼn Fourth Afrikaans Bible translation. My Paper / Mandate. Man Soul Spirit And Body, Death Death Hell Or Heaven?
Israel's Rapture. The Two Keys to the Book of Revelation (Revised 2014 Edition). What Is Your God's Name. The Lies Of
The Church. Is Your Umbilical Cord Cut Off? The Deity of Jesus Christ and many more.
Thousands of these books have already been distributed in South Africa and the world. (Of course, my books are not sold in
ANY bookstores, because I am writing AGAINST this Global
one world religion system and therefore it is not suitable for their readers. The Word of God, declares:
“That the truth will set us free, Your Word is the truth. ”For almost six or four years I have also been preaching
on TV and my website is visited by thousands of people around the world at: www.2016newagebybel.co.za I also
have the privilege of visiting different denominations, churches and preaching (serving) people and offering word schools, with reference to Eschatology and the End Times.

The only reason I mention this information to you is not to market myself, my books or DVDs, but to assure you,
that I see myself as one of South Africa's experts in the field of Eschatology and the End Times, and
who obtained his degrees in the field of Eschatology. When I then give you any information, you can surely know that
these are properly researched facts, and not church fables. Personally, I have not been connected to any church organization
or denomination for more than 18 years, but I only belong to the Bride of Jesus Christ, and only learn what the Word of God, (our 1933)
Afrikaans Bible teaches me, and no ecclesiastical dogma or doctrines.

I experience in my mind that God, our Father, wants us to use every possible opportunity in this modern age in which we currently live, to carry His Word to a lost world. That is why we find Jesus Christ's own command to His Apostles: "GO, MAKE DISCIPLES AND TEACH THEM." (Matthew 28 verse 19). Every time I minister about Eschatology and the End Times, people come in their hordes to ask questions that their own Ministers / Pastors cannot answer for them. Not because they do not want to, but because most of the time they do not know the answer. I place this finger pointing squarely in front of the doors of most theological institutions, because through the ages, eschatology and the end-time revelation of biblical prophecy have been seen entirely as the stepchild, in the training of theological students in South Africa. I speak of personal experience because I myself have also come through the theological system. For centuries, the books of Daniel and Revelation have been avoided altogether because they contain a huge amount of “Imagery,” which was incomprehensible most of the time, and also because this imagery was used to the benefit of certain churches, organizations, and denominations, and at the expense of people souls. How unfortunate!
Because here in this time in which we are currently living ʼn spiritual hunger and thirst for the Revealed Word of God, our Father, and the knowledge to the Eschatologists the End Time is according to the Word of God, I feel that the time is ripe where people in the comfort of their own environment (home, living room, study or any other place) may have the opportunity to experience the deeper and true meanings of the Revealed Word of God, as it is written unadulterated and undiluted, and also to share with other people Share.
This revealed Eschatological / End-time course you can study in your own time as you wish, WITHOUT the pressure of tests and exams every term or year. It all depends on you to what extent you want to be proficient in Eschatology, the End Times, End Times Prophecies and World Events.

Eschatology is certainly NOT theology. Eschatology is not linked to dogmatic theological views, but is entirely related to the: "PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE." Eschatology brings us to the revelations of "all" sealed mysteries in the Word of God. (Read: Daniel 12 verse 4; verses 8 and 9). Now also read Revelation 22 verse 10. What did God say to the angel? "Do NOT seal it, BECAUSE THE TIME (OF THE END TIME) IS NEAR."


A). To equip every Bible school student about the End Times and World Events according to the Word of God.
B). To reveal all sealed mysteries in the Word of God, according to His Word.
C). To explain all “imagery in the books of Daniel and Revelation.
D). To experience how all End Time and Biblical Prophecies come true.
E). To come to the Revealed knowledge according to the Word of God, our Father.
F). To expose fables that have been introduced into some of our Protestant churches from all truth.
G). To acknowledge the authenticity of our 1933 and 1953 Afrikaans Bibles as the true Word of God.
H). Without benefiting any church organization, learn the Word of God, as it is written.
Because this generation is closer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ than any generation before us, it is crucial that we compare certain world events with the Word of God, and then we can link certain Biblical Prophecies to this.

It consists of a 1st year, a 2nd year and then a final (3rd) year. During this period, any person is free to detach himself / herself from the course at any cost, at any time.
Each week's reading consists of ʼn 1 hour reading (DVD). Most of the time next week's lecture follows the lecture you have just covered. The lectures are numbered: WEEK 1; WEEK 2; WEEK 3 etc. Full month courses usually consist of 4 different 1 hour lectures, which you will receive on 1x DVD per post. ʼn One year course consists of 50 one hour lectures.
There are NO registration fees involved. You do NOT pay any deposits.
This 3 year course is completely FREE. All that is expected of you is to pay the monthly postage. If it's the Post Office, their rate is R50-00 per post, and if it's Postnet, it's R100-00 per post.
If you are interested, just send us an e-mail to: drhannesr@gmail.com or SMS us at: 083 540 8352 with the words: ESCATOLOGICAL END TIME BIBLE INSTITUTE. We will then email or fax you the entry details.


Immediately after obtaining a STUDENT NUMBER. Our year does NOT work from January to December, but your year starts when you receive the first lectures, until 12 months later